Hi Ladies! Flaunt a Whole New Side of Your Personality!

You may have your summer looks patted down, from your rusty reds to tie-dye; you could even have the latest sunshine shades from the Balenciaga Summer line, but that just won’t do. As reliable as these brands could be, at the end of the day, it’s only when your personality is able to shine, that these chic apparels become truly meaningful. As nice as you think you look, without adding your individual je ne sais quoi, you’ll just be a fashion follower and not the true style icon you know you are! So now the question is; how do you bring out the uniqueness of your style? 

We would suggest that you consider accessorizing. These are attention getters, and with a wide variety of accessories available out there, you can rest assured that your personality will always shine through effectively! Now here at TruWood, you can choose the best watches for women, from wood to leather bands! Women’s wooden watches are our most popular and well loved of all, and once you take a look at them, you will never look at ladies watches the same way again. Here are a few of our trendy fares online that we’re sure will be a gift you will love yourself for!

  • 1. Lavender
  • Lavender Wooden Watch

    Make a real statement with this crowd stopping piece! Do away with nice, simple accessories and create a look that’s a true masterpiece with the women’s wooden watch that will make a real splash!


  • 2. Leaf Green
  • Leaf Green Wooden Watch

    Sometimes going a little casual doesn’t mean you eschew style or class. With the leather band and the inimitably trendy wood finish, you can rest assured that your look is never going to fade if you get the Leaf Green online!

  • 3. Crown
  • Crown - Wooden Watch

    Concerned about putting together that centerpiece for your look? This watch will be the Crown Jewel of any outfit. You can pull of any outfit with aplomb when you get this lady’s watch online from TruWood! Get the Crown today and ascertain a trendy and timeless look!

  • 4. Dream
  • Dream Wooden Watch

    Who you are is who you dream to be. Live the dream and look the part with this trendy and beautiful timepiece today! Get the TruWood Dream and make yourself look a dream come true for any discerning fashionista out there!

  • 5. Black Pearl
  • Black Pearl Wooden Watch

    Whether this will be a gift for your loved one or a little something for yourself, the Black Pearl will be the best thing you have on anytime! This trendy women’s wooden watch is that understated piece of jewelry that is simply visual eye candy for anyone!

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