3 Best Jewellery Gift Ideas for Your Man

For guys, jewelry can be completely confusing and it’s easy to understand why. The options are boring and all the same. At the end of the day, the best option left is to opt for some underwhelming beaded bracelet and call it a day—that is, until TruWood came onto the scene and offered us something new. Finally we had simple, yet elegant options for us; trendy tree bracelets made of original wood. TruWood offers us what we’ve always wanted, but never knew we needed till now.

Men’s beaded bracelets now have a creative finish that we’ve been missing all along: carefully crafted wooden beads with a slick stone touch. And just like that, TruWood’s tree bracelet took over the jewelry market for us guys. Let’s take a close look at the bracelets and see how nature’s elegance has, and will always be, the source of our timeless inspiration. 

  • 1.Onyx/Malachite
  • Onyx/Malachite Bracelet

    Is your man the mysterious type? Does he have a style that’s unique and stands out from the rest? The Onyx/Malachite combination is perfect for him. Our Onyx’s dark, mystique beads perfectly compliment the Malachite’s touch—just like his personality.

  • 2.Rose Gold/Maple
  • Rose Gold/Maple Bracelet

    Does he need something that let’s his style ‘pop’ instead? You might want to opt for the beaded bracelets with a stone finish. This is sure to really grab everyone’s attention! With the Rose Gold and Maple wooden bracelet, you can be sure that he will have the look that gives him the room at any time!

  • 3.Silver/Rosewood
  • Silver/Rosewood Bracelet

    Would he prefer bling that means more? Something flashy, but not trashy? The Silver/Rosewood bracelet could be just what he’s been looking for. Guys are notoriously finicky when choosing their accessories, but with the elegance inherent to this bracelet, you can be sure you’re making the right decision. 


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