Automatic Watches - Luxurious and Simple Yet Classy Watches for Men

Mechanical watch movements are truly art personified; tiny systems of wheels, pinions and bridges in perfect synchronization. The mechanical movements with automatic winding systems keeping time according to the movements of the wrist. There is art in the details, and the artistry in TruWood’s amazing automatic watches are perfection personified as well as made to be affordable. 

That means you won’t have to choose between them because you can afford more than one. They also make perfect gift items, affordable yet impressive, for the special watch lovers in your life. From the rugged and subdued to the extravagant and luxurious, we have automatic watches that can satisfy the needs of any man!

  • Atlas
  • Atlas Wooden Watch

    For  the man who understands the value of looking good, this elegant timepiece is a perfect choice. Made with Black Sandalwood, the Atlas shows the best in watch design.


  • Energy
  • Energy Wooden Watch

    Is your man subdued in his style sensibility? We’d love for you to check out the Energy. We’re sure that any man would find it very difficult to get this watch off their wrist, no matter what occasion!

  • Stride
  • Stride Wooden Watch

    An automatic watch for the more contemporary vogue, the Stride sets the standard for the chic man. Using Olive Wood and an Automatic Tourbilion movement, not only will the watch be reliable, it will be the accessory he can’t do without!

  • Mystery
  • Mystery Wooden Watch

    One of our more intriguing timepieces, the mystery is unassuming yet undeniably eye catching in its design. A true fashion statement, the Mystery easily breaks through the more humdrum ensembles.

  • Caliber
  • Caliber Wooden Watch

    Does your man have a more rugged fashion sense? Is functionality a more important concern for him? Then look no further than the Caliber! This is an automatic watch made to exemplify the purity in design simplicity, and he will be truly satisfied with this timepiece. 





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