Casual Yet Stylish Women’s Watches

It’s all pretty simple really. Whether you want to get classy women’s watches that exude luxury or go for the more modern new style digital watches for women, there is a realistic middle ground. Just get one of our wooden watches for women! These trendy watches are easily the top fashion and social statement a timepiece could ever offer you.

TruWood, for instance, has very trendy wooden watches for women. From luxury black digital watches for women to classy women’s watches in Rose Gold, it’s all just a matter of choosing the fashion timepiece that works for you! Here’s a rundown of the women timepieces

  • 1. Rose 
  • TruWood Rose Watches

    A rose by any other name may swell as sweet, but the TruWood Rose is distinct in its name and craftsmanship. Made with a Mother of Pearl Dial and Olive Wood, this trendy new wooden watch for women will surely be your best buy for eternity!

  • 2. Java
  • TruWood Java Watch

    Waking up with some Java takes on a whole new meaning with this wooden watch for women! Whether you are on the go, working in the office, or just having a relaxing brunch with friends, you can be sure to top all fashion lists with this unforgettable timepiece!

  • 3. Black Pearl 
  • TruWood Black Pearl

    To experience a lap of luxury while keeping your social conscience intact is no easy feat, but sometimes classy women’s watches can do that. Take the Black Pearl, for example. It is made with Black Sandalwood and a Mother of Pearl dial, giving it that timelessly classic fashion look while ascertaining an environmentally sustainable purchase, as only TruWood can offer.

  • 4. Crown
  • TruWood Crown Watch

    When it comes to women’s watches, whether it be classy women’s watches or digital women’s watches, there are some combinations that are simply at the top. As the name suggests, the Crown is exactly that. The black sundial and the golden stainless steel casing are certainly up there, while the modern  style that Maple adds gives it that TruWood flair. Certainly, owning this will be a true crowning achievement!

  • 5. Dream
  • TruWood Dream Watch

    Some watches are meant to be practical, used everyday, nothing stylish. That doesn’t mean your watch has to be that boring though! Practical and trendy do not have to be mutually exclusive, and the TruWood Dream is proof! This trendy wooden women’s watch is made with a perfect combination of Walnut wood and a Silver dial, giving it an unmistakable look that is the perfect marriage of luxury and practicality! Truly a dream watch for anyone!


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