Chronograph Watches - A Must Have Collection for Men

Accuracy. Any chronograph watch collector knows that any watch worth its weight in gold must always be accurate. Here at TruWood, we understand and appreciate the value of an accurate timepiece, so we put a huge emphasis on making our chronograph watches as accurate as humanly possible. We don’t stop at that, though. We want our chronograph watches for men to display the utmost precision, but also have an inherent luxurious aspect to its look. We want you, your husband, your boyfriend, your brother, not only to have the best chronograph watch in terms of functionality, we want them to look top notch too!

We’ve created a distinct collection of chronograph watches to cater to that thought. From the simple to the more sophisticated man, we want to make sure that gifting a chronograph watch is a simple matter with TruWood. Whether it’s a true collector of chronograph watches for men or someone you just want to get a watch for, you can rest assured that we have the right watch for him!



TruWood space

Simple yet undeniably sophisticated, the TruWood space is the true Gentleman’s watch choice. Precision has and will never look this distinguished. 


  • Marine 


    TruWood Marine

    Smooth and accurate, the TruWood Marine is perfect for casual and formal events! Our stylistically all-around chronograph watch is one of the most loved amongst our customers!


  • Pilot


    TruWood Pilot

    One of the jewels in our Chronograph collection, the TruWood Pilot is the best gifting choice for anyone looking to upgrade their husband or boyfriend’s overall look!


  • Magma


    TruWood Magma

    Does your man have a natural flair to steal the scene wherever he goes? Pair that magnetic personality with the TruWood Magma. Fiery and passionate, this chronograph watch will always stand out in the best way possible!


  • Slate


    TruWood Slate

    Is your man the responsible, reliable type? Then the TruWood Slate just might be the watch for him! Built with subdued woods and solid steel, he can rely on this chronograph watch not just for accurate time, but a look that shows his dependability!








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