Do Black Watches Go With Everything?

As you may know, black matches up well with pretty much anything. Formal attire? Black’s got your back. Looking for something casual? That black shirt is looking mighty good! Whatever you have planned, you can’t go wrong with black. 

The same can be said for watches, but there is a caveat to it. The colour may match, but since the colour does not need much concern, it’s the style and the material used that are given more attention. Black dial watches for men or women are always going to look good, but how does the face capture your look? Is the band made of leather or wood? Does the design work with your motif? These are all concerns that eventually lead most to online shop for women or men’s watches at TruWood. You get exactly what you’re looking for and more. 

Here are a few black watches from TruWood that certainly fit the bill.


  • Cleopatra

    Cleopatra Black Watch

    This classy watch is made with a perfect combination of black sandalwood and a sundial embellished with Cubic zirconia diamonds, giving it a classic, delicate and strong, and undoubtedly timeless look. A timepiece crafted to have beauty that lasts generations.


  • Crown

    Crown Wooden Watch

    Beauty is in the simplicity of the Crown watch, keeping a minimalistic look that pairs well with any outfit. Whether you are on the go, working in the office, or just having a relaxing brunch with friends, you can be sure to top all fashion lists with this unforgettable timepiece! Made with a stainless steel case and maple wooden inlays, the Crown gives you that extra flair you need in your life. 


  • Pilot

    Pilot wooden watch

    The TruWood Pilot is all about meticulous attention to detail. The perfect squares on this dial are measured to be accurate down to a 100th of a millimeter. Hand-crafted by expert watchmakers, building quality time-pieces is something we will never compromise on. Each watch features its own unique wooden grain and pattern. Every detail matters, and every moment with the Pilot will matter.


  • Cartier

    Cartier Wooden Watch

    The TruWood Cartier watch is a paradigm shift. Made with the human drive to explore in mind. This collection serves as a reminder to discover and achieve the unattainable. Each timepiece is crafted with hand-picked wood from salvaged boats that have traversed the oceans. Own a piece of history, own a watch that challenges the zeitgeist. 


  • Atlas

    Atlas Wooden Watch

    For the man who understands the value of looking good, this elegant timepiece is a perfect choice. Featuring an automatic movement, the Atlas shows the best in watch design. Made with Black Sandalwood, the smooth and polished wooden strap is held together by a classic butterfly strap. Smooth, suave and undeniably sophisticated in design.

    Black is a versatile colour, but we need to have a better understanding of the meaning behind the design when it comes to black dial watches for men and women. Which of the above watches fit you best?



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