Handmade, Natural Wooden Watches for Eco-Freindly You

When making watch fashion decisions, as with most things, form follows function, meaning your style must follow your personality. For most, this is not a heavy burden. Commonly it’s a matter of buying brands that fit your lifestyle. Athletes would choose to buy watches for men on sale at Nike, Under Armour, and/or Adidas. The more sophisticated men watch shop online at places like Panerai, Rolex, or A. Lange & Sohne. There are those that break away from such a mold, though. Sometimes it’s not enough to blindly choose watches that follow the rigid confines of basic fashion. Choosing the watch for them is to be an iconoclast. 

They want more. They don’t ascribe to the common standard. They want watches that mix styles that are uniquely their own. Luxury cannot be as static as a brand. Personal concerns must not be forgotten. These men are the trailblazers, the pioneers of fashion. These are the men who know exactly what their watches are supposed to do for them, and do not accept anything that doesn’t fit the bill. 

As such, it becomes a greater chore for such rarefied individuals to find timepieces that can fulfill these concerns perfectly. For the eco friendly personalities, we have your answer. From displaying understated elegance to displaying a more lavish vogue, saving the world has never looked this good! Here are a few choice wooden watches from TruWood that we’re certain will catch the right attention for you:

  • 1. Hawk
  • Hawk Wooden Watch

    Understated elegance has never been this perfect a description. Looking for a new style that can pair with and enhance your style while ascertaining the eco friendly watch that you have been looking for? Look no further than the Hawk; it will always be the right choice for you.

  • 2. Pilot

    Pilot Wooden Watch

    Don’t be led to facsimiles of the eco friendly watch you’re looking for. Choose the mens wooden watch that offers the luxury you want. Choose environmentally forward yet unmistakably stylish. Choose the top wooden watch for men. Choose the Pilot and thank us later.

  • 3. Architect
  • Architect Wooden Watch

    Watches are sometimes simple wrist jewelry, nothing to write home about. In one word, humdrum. Obviously, you want your passion for fashion to show on your watch. You want a new style that only the Architect can offer. Go watch shopping now for the Architect and show that determination.

  • 4. Capitan

    Capitan Wooden Watch

    Those who choose a mens wooden watch have shown to be true leaders of men. Men who are decisive and uncompromising. Men who know exactly how they want to look and never settle for less. This is exactly what the Capitan has to offer. Look no further for watch shops online, the search is over.

  • 5. Atlas
  • Atlas wooden Watch


    There are watches that break away from common perception. Whether it’s the parts that make it, or the overall look of luxury, these watches set themselves apart with clear distinction. A new style should be like that, always challenging fashion trends, always at the top. A new watch should match that, and nothing carries over that ordinary look into the extraordinary quite like the Atlas. 


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