Impressive Christmas Gift Ideas

The “-ber” months are upon us, and you know what that means; Christmas! The time for family, joy, merrymaking, and of course, gift giving! Nothing matches the look of anticipation that comes from opening a gift, most especially the pure joy the perfect gift can bring. Does your gift exhibit the unique and special things you love about that person? Is it inexpensive yet luxuriously crafted? Does it exhibit a classic look without being boring? There are so many considerations, and it’s just your luck that we’re here. 

We know that it is very difficult to toe that line, so we came up with a list of TruWood’s finest sustainable gifts for mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, sons or daughters. Whether you need an elaborate or a simple design, a uniquely luxurious or an understated look, we’ve got your back! Every design is painstakingly designed with the highest concern for peerless craftsmanship, so everyone who gets any one of these fine products will forever be grateful to you and your thoughtful present; guaranteed!


  • Columbus

    Columbus Wooden Watch

    Introducing the latest and dare we say greatest of our collection, the Columbus is the perfect gift for any man looking for a truly unique and eye-catching watch! Made with reclaimed boat wood, the Columbus is designed to inspire exploration!


  • Java

    Java Watches - TruWood

    The perfect example of understated elegance, the Java is made for those who love using watches for formal engagements to taking care of daily chores! With the wide array of style pairings possible, you can never go wrong with gifting this Timepiece!


  • Rose

    Rose - Wooden Watches

    Does she live her days at a relaxed pace? Then she needs the Rose! Crafted with Olive Wood and a Mother of Pearl face, the Rose brings effortless class to any style, any moment!


  • Leaf Green

    Leaf Green Wooden Watches

    Does he want a watch that needs the unique and stylish sustainability of TruWood’s timepieces? Then you should gift the top selling, always in demand, and meticulously crafted Leaf Green! 


  • Architect

    Architect Wooden Watches

    The preferred watch for decisive men of action, the brilliantly designed Architect is a watch that matches that energy and passion!



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