Perfect Size of Watch That Women Should Wear

Have you been browsing for a new watch, but feel unsure about what size you should be looking to purchase? Rest assured, this is a common feeling. You want your watch to look good, but it also needs to feel comfortable. And if you pick the wrong size, you may attract attention for all the wrong reasons.

This is even more true with Women’s watches. Women’s watches are, without a doubt, the most functional of accessories to own. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a watch is the loyal and dependable friend. From function to form, casual or formal occasions, you can rest assured that as flashy as all the other pieces of jewelry out there may be, nothing can be more reliable and fascinating as a matching watch. This makes it even more important that the women’s watch you choose fits your vast needs to a ‘T’.

After all, we are used to the concept of proportion, and we naturally notice if something appears too big or too small. Not to worry. Here, we have compiled a helpful guide, which will show you how to choose the right sized wooden watch to best fit your wrist and style, so you attract envious glances, rather than confused looks. It’s in this vein you need to make sure you choose the ladies watch shop that can handle all looks, all styles, all the time; much like what TruWood has to offer. 

  • Rose
  • Truwood Rose Watch

    Practical and trendy do not have to be mutually exclusive, and the TruWood Rose is proof! This trendy watch is made with a perfect combination of olive wood and a mother of pearl dial, giving it an unmistakable look that is the perfect marriage of luxury and practicality! Truly a dream watch for any fashionista!

  • Maria
  • Royal Maria - TruWood

    Our Royal Collection is for the woman who radiates confidence through her personal style and essence. This classy watch is made with a perfect combination of purpleheart wood and a sundial embellished with Cubic zirconia diamonds, giving it a classic, delicate and strong, and undoubtedly timeless look.

  • Stark 35mm
  • TruWood Stark Watch

    Bold and daring, the TruWood Stark is a paradigm shift. It’s sleek, and low profile is contrasted by its rare and natural design.

    The subdued green face is a departure from tradition, and rightly so – this is not your every day watch. The smooth and polished wooden strap is held together by a stainless steel clasp. This watch rests lightly on your wrist so you can look great all day long!

  • Crown
  • Venus Crown Watch TruWood

    Beauty is in the simplicity of the Crown watch, keeping a minimalistic look that pairs well with any outfit. Whether you are on the go, working in the office, or just having a relaxing brunch with friends, you can be sure to top all fashion lists with this unforgettable timepiece!

  • Leaf Green 35mm
  • TruWood Leaf Green

    The TruWood Leaf Green delivers a clean slate, and a fresh start; it truly allows the wearer to define themselves. The casing is made of 100% natural black sandalwood with the belief that authenticity is the key to originality. The blank face provides sophistication and modern style, contrasted by an industrial metal crown.


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