Watches That Suit Your Masculine Personality

What makes a man? What defines his unique masculinity? Is it the masculine form with its chiseled muscles? Is it an indomitable, no nonsense demeanour? There are too many ways men define their masculinity that it is quite obvious subjectivity rather than objectivity would be more practical in its definition. Masculinity is what each man believes it to be for him, no more, no less. 

There is, however, a personality trait that we can attribute to truly masculine men. It is the courage to voyage. The determination to pioneer new frontiers, the passion to achieve the unattainable. It is in that unique spirit of adventure where masculinity shines the brightest. It is there where we see all men in their element, exuding true masculinity. 

It is in this light that TruWood has come out with their new collection of wooden wrist watches. Imbibing that spirit of adventure unique to every man’s best sense of masculinity, TruWood has come out with the Voyager Series. From the Napoleon to the Columbus, each luxury watch challenges common craftsmanship and ups the ante to the unparalleled. Are you man enough to buy one? 

  • 1. Napoleon
  • Napoleon Wooden Watch

    Much like the upstart leader, the Napoleon dares to buck the trend and create new possibilities in timepiece design. Any man who would buy this luxury watch simply understands the paradigm shift true masculinity brings, and needs a watch to exemplify this.

  • 2. Cartier
  • Cartier Wooden Watch

    The true spirit of adventure revels in breaking through the common.To just get a black watch online isn’t enough, you need something that elevates. The Cartier breaks the common trends in watch design and combines a black and white face to the nautical theme. A man who can comfortably handle situations that require more than the basic would be at home with this white and black wrist watch.

  • 3. Columbus
  • Columbus Wooden Watch

    A motivation to truly discover new frontiers in every life choice made makes for true masculinity. The soul of discovery is what the Columbus represents. As its namesake, the Columbus dares to go on uncharted waters in timepiece craftsmanship and challenge the ideals of the hoi polloi to discover new and brilliant designs that any watchmaker would envy.


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