Your Year-by-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

Every day of marriage is a celebration of love, every anniversary a milestone not to be forgotten. As much as the ads might tell you, wedding anniversaries need not be extravagant or elaborate; even the simplest of celebrations work just as well, the key is in the gift. I’m sure when you got married, you wanted the best, most thoughtful, and timelessly creative wedding gift, and you most certainly made sure that happened. As the years roll on in your marriage, however, it gets tougher. There are so many memories, so many endless moments that you want to put together into the best anniversary gift. What you need is a gift that can encompass all those things in a short, sweet message. What you need is a gift that reminds them of all those amazing moments, and there’s nothing like an engraved TruWood watch that can make that real. A unique gift that none can match, TruWood watches are meticulously crafted and designed to suit any message you may have. Check out our collection and you’ll certainly find the perfect gift for him and for her, no matter which anniversary you may be celebrating.

  • 1. Journey
  • TruWood Journey Wooden Watch

    A watch to remind you of the beautiful journey ahead, the Journey is the perfect gift to let your partner know of all the wonderful things you have and will experience together!

  • 2.Mystery
  • Titan Mystery Watch - TruWood

    One of the wondrous things in a marriage is the endless mystery in your partner. Always exciting and never boring, the Mystery is the watch you want for the partner who always keeps your partnership fresh!

  • 3. Columbus
  • Voyager Columbus Wooden Watch

    Everyday is a new discovery in marriages, and like the famous explorer, the Columbus is the perfect watch to let him know that there is so much to explore in every day of your lives together!

  • 4. Crown
  • TruWood Venus Crown Wooden Watch

    When it comes to the queen of your life, nothing less than the best is acceptable. That is why you want to get the Crown, simply the brightest jewel of TruWood’s female collection!

  • 5. Dream 
  • TruWood Dream Wooden Watch

    A love that makes reality more beautiful than a dream is what you will remember when you look back. That is why the Dream is the perfect gift; it is a dream watch made real, like your marriage.

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