Eco-Friendly Wooden Timepieces for Men & Women at Under $100

Eco-friendly; a tag that shows the brand’s determination to be part of the solution that our world currently needs with climate change. An Eco-friendly brand understands that we need to start creating truly sustainable business models, as resources are depleting. There needs to be a concerted effort to make sure our businesses are assets to the world, creating more resources than we take away. Of course, this sustainability also adds emotional capital to its value and is in greater demand now than ever before. Many people still don’t know which ones come with the best deals though, and that’s where TruWood comes in. 

Many brands with an Eco-friendly tag put a premium value to their products, which leads to many all wood watches becoming an expensive or overpriced choice. TruWood sees this and thinks that it is a counter intuitive setup. TruWood believes that products should be made available at reasonable rates. That is why TruWood sells unique, durable mens watches online that won’t break the bank! Just take a look at this collection of handmade watches for him and her for under $100

  • Leaf Green ($99)

    Leaf Green - Wooden Watch


    One of the most lauded watches at TruWood, the Leaf Green perfectly shows immaculate craftsmanship that none can compare to. At under $100, this amazing piece is practically a steal!

  • Minimal - 35mm ($99)

    Minimal - 35mm


    The Minimal - 35mm is every woman’s ideal watch. Durable, understated in its impeccable design, and most certainly Eco-Friendly! Whether you are off to work or just going out for a relaxing day, you can never go wrong with the Minimal - 35mm.

  • Executive ($99)

    Executive Wooden Watch


    Handmade to be durable and designed for every decision maker’s unique tastes, the Executive is easily the best wooden watch under $100 you can give as a holiday gift for your boss!

  • Presidential ($99)

    Presidential Wooden Watch

    Made with Bamboo Wood and Hand Picked leather, you would be hard pressed to find an all wood watch that can match the quality in craftsmanship and price that the Presidential has to offer!

  • Leaf Green - 35mm ($99)

    Leaf Green - 35m

    The unique, clean and classy look of the Leaf Green makes it a favorite of most eco-friendly female watch connoisseurs. You can rest assured that this is the best wooden watch for a holiday gift that any woman would be grateful to have!




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