Tru to Your Roots

Wood is the root of it all. The source of human connection in the campfires we gather around. The start of a great idea in the tools that evolved us. Our triumph over adversity when we stood with our Tribe. And the backbone of our homes that keep us together.

It all starts with wood.

We believe in a life inspired by the wisdom of our ancestral past. The principles that have guided human triumph for 99% of our existence continue to be the pinnacle of what fulfills us today.

It’s in your DNA. Just think about. We’ve been wired to live a certain way since the beginning of time and only recently have we all taken a hard left into the modern age. Don’t get us wrong, we fully embrace the advancement of our times, but believe in a balance of it all.

The world provides us with resources that are meant to be used, but not abused. There is a natural balance that's been long forgotten and we want to bring that way of life back into yours.

This is how we #LiveTru.

Humanity’s first triumph was with wood. Now you carry the flame.

What is #LiveTru?

That "aha!" moment of tapping into your true human core. Doing something that feels like second nature as soon as you do it. From waking up with the sun, to taking in a breathtaking view after a hike. #LiveTru moments make us feel the most alive.

Our Craft

We believe in a natural balance of our planet's resources, combined with an imagination not bound by convention. This sweet spot is where true human innovation flourishes and now you carry the flame forward as we stand united under one Tribe.


Kindle Your Fire

Truly You-nique

Blazing New Trails

Ride-or-die Tribe

Kindle Your Fire

Now we're no self-help gurus, but we've picked up on a few cues from our great ancestors. Following their footsteps is what makes us feel the most alive and we are here to ignite the flame of that lost wisdom in you.

Truly You-nique

Much like fingerprints, no two cuts of wood are the same and neither should you be. Stand with unwavering conviction when veering off the beaten path. The road less traveled is more distinctly your own.

Blazing New Trails

Making sleek, sexy designs out of wood isn't always easy. In fact, it rarely ever is. And that's why we love it. Go against the grain of what you thought was possible and embrace the pioneering spirit that got you here.

Ride-or-die Tribe

You didn't get to where you are today by yourself. Everyone grows when they work together and we unite our customers, employees, partners and really anyone with a #LiveTru spirit as one; the Tribe, our family.

Our Roots

Every journey starts with a single step, this was ours. TruWood was born in the dorm room of 2 university friends who stumbled across something they couldn't take their eyes off. That initial spark was their first #LiveTru moment that started it all.

The Instagram Era
"Starting as an online brand in May of 2016 that quickly gained traction on social media through crafted wood designs that caught eyes and a mission of planting trees for every order. Our watches were pretty rough, but as interest in TruWood grew so did we."

The Watch Era
"We wouldn't be where we are today without our signature timepieces. We quickly took things into our own hands and partnered with a supplier to craft our own watches from the ground up to give the world something they've never seen before. And that's exactly what we did."

The Expansion Era
"It was time to evolve. We flew oversees to meet our supplier face-to-face for the first time. For weeks, we went to work designing completely new product lines, bringing them up to the forefront of our brand. It was time to become so much more than just a watch shop and we knew it."

The Tribe Era
"Where we are right now. Shifting our focus to the people that made this all possible. You; our Tribe, your family. Building so much more than just a collection of cool-looking wooden accessories, but instead a Tribe of mavericks that dare to challenge the norm in search of our Tru selves."

Meet the Founders

Bishoi, CEO
Never settling for less, Bishoi has always given everything he takes on 110%. When not building TruWood, you'll find him pushing a new record at the gym or going for a run outdoors.

Filip, CMO
An endless imagination brimming with thoughts, ideas and mind-bending "what-if" scenarios, Filip brings out the creative side in everyone. Spends his free time watching documentaries about space and civilization.

Our Tribe Pact

Empowering a bold and adventurous Tribe of trailblazers who dare to challenge the norm through impactful expressions of your core human roots. A craft that captures the imagination and aligns with the pursuit of conquering your life's next mountain.


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