What is the Most Versatile Watch Color?

The power of a watch, gentlemen – can either break or build an outfit! From a classy blue watch to the modern smart watches, you need to make sure what you wear on that wrist is more than just some underwhelming piece. You need to start thinking of how you can go about elevating your look!

Since men wear limited jewelry, to get mens watches online is an expression of their personality. The best wristwatches are simple, versatile, sophisticated and classic. Whether you get a classy blue watch or something more common, there is a need for a style that fits the statement you want to make. Each piece of jewelry counts, don’t waste your time with nothing pieces!

Most men prefer to own more than one watch so they can wear the appropriate timepiece to complement their outfit. Blue dial watches with a blue suit, Black dial for black shirts, it’s all about complement!

It is important that each watch colour shows versatility. It needs to be sophisticated and stylish, but still casual. The craftsmanship needs to be the best of the best, yet inexpensive. Whether you get an analog or digital, the watch needs to fit your needs, and the latest range of watches from TruWood effortlessly fits the bill.

  • Napoleon
  • Napolean - Leather Strap

    Inspired by challenging the mundane, the Napoleon is a perfect timepiece when you need a focal point in your outfit. Do you want a quality timepiece that reflects your passion in life? Look no further than the Napoleon!


  • Cartier
  • Voyager Cartier- TruWood

    Black and white are the primary colours that are used the most, and thus it can be difficult to let your individuality shine when you use them, until the Cartier. Shift the paradigm of colour ideals with the Cartier!


  • Columbus
  • Voyager Columbus - TruWood

    A truly sophisticated and stylish timepiece, you can rest assured the Columbus will add that quality of refinement all outfits need! Blue dial watches have never looked so good. Own the best of the best now!



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